UdFI  uthman dan fodio institute
Mission: To research and document anthropological, linguistic and historical information relating to African and Asian Societies.

The Uthman dan Fodio Institute's Afro-Asian Studies, Archaeogenetics Molecular Biology and Neurobiological learning programs is led by Dr. Clyde Winters. The UdFI staff is especially interested in teaching interested persons selected African (Malinke, Meroitic, Olmec, Swahili) and Asian ( ancient Tamil/Indus Valley) Languages.

UdFI does not grant degrees.
Staff of the UdFI conducts seminars and workshops relating to African and Dravidian studies. They also provide consultation for parents and teachers in the education and learning of people with a  learning disability.

   The Uthman dan Fodio Institute was founded in 1981. Originally UdFI was founded as an Elementary and High School to service youth in the Chicago area. In the 1990's UdFI added to its mission research into educational issues and Afro-Asian studies.
    The educational ideas of Uthman don Fodio were used as the educational philosophy of the school These educational ideas which encouraged the use of metacognition and co-construction of knowledge by our students served as the organizing principals for educational change and learning for students at UdFI.

Today Staff at UdFI continues to be interested in the education of youth in Chicago, and provides Tutoring services for youth with reading and math problems.

Staff at UdFI are presently developing a Distance Learning course which will allow people with internet access an ancient Afrocentric History course.
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Uthman dan Fodio Institute
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