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  • More information on the ancient Afrocentric history can be found at Dr. Clyde A. Winters Homepege

    Dr. Clyde Winters' Makubwa Homepage

    This site provides up to date information on the Afrocentric origins of many ancient civilizations, especially the Olmecs of ancient Mexico. Dr. Clyde Winters is an Educator , Anthropologist and Linguist. He has taught Education and Linguistics at Saint Xavier University -Chicago. Dr. Winters is the author of numerous articles on anthropology, archeogenetics and linguistics. His articles have appeared in the Journal of Black Studies, Proceedings of the National Academy of Science, Science, Bio Essays, Current Science, International Journal of Human Genetics, International Journal of Dravidian Linguistics, and Journal of Modern African Studies. Dr. Winters books include: African Empires in Ancient America, We Are Not JUST Africans : The Black Native Americans, Atlantis in Mexico: The Mande Discovery of America, Ancient Scripts in South America: The Sumerians in South America, and Archaeological Decipherment of Ancient Writing Systems, to name a few. Dr. Winters books can be ordered at Amazon com.

    Bilingual Mayan-Olmec Text

    |  |  The Cascajal Tablet: Obituary of King Bipopo

    |  |  Clyde Winters Videos of African origin of Olmec and Mayan Cultural Items

    |  |  The Olmec Religion

    |  |  The ancient Manding Script

    |  |  The Teo Mask of King Ngbe of Ahuelican Mexico

    |  |  Africans Came before Columbus

    |  |  Afrocentric Heuristics

    |  |  Is Olmec Writing African or Chinese ?

    |  |  Is Olmec Writing African or Mixe

    |  |  Olmec called themselves: Xi

    |  |  African Origin of Olmecs is Good Scholarship

    |  |  Skeletal Evidence of African Olmecs

    |  |  Mixe/Zoque Theory of Olmec Language is Doubtful

    |  |  Olmec Heads

    |  |  Race and Identity: Ancient Relations between Aficans and Indians in Mexico

    |  |  Discover the Teo Mask

    |  |  Teaching about the Black Olmecs

    |  |  Nubians and Olmecs

    |  |  What is the origin of the Guatemalan Tomb Writing

    |  |  Epi Olmec Writing

    |  |  Olmec Hieroglyphic Writing

    |  |  Decipherment of the Short Side of the Mojarra Stela

    |  |  Olmec the First African Americans

    |  |  The Syllabic Olmec Writing

    |  |  Wiercinski: Anthropological Study on the Origin of the Olmecs

    The Great Kings of the Olmec People 

    The Linguistic Methods of Diop
      |  Camparison of Nubian and Olmec Heads  |  The Indus Valley CivilizationThe Vai Writing System

    Afrocentric Comparative and Historical Linguistic Methods  |  Evidence of an Afrocentric Migration to America in Ancient Times  |  Olmec Inscriptions  |  African Empires of Ancient America

    Illustrations for Olmec Writing Article  |  The Structure of Africalogical Social Science|

    The Decipherment of the Fuente Magna Bowl  |

      |  The Decipherment of the Olmec Writing  |  Malinke-Bambara Loan Words in the Mayan Languages

    Tamana Newsletter

    |  |  Vamos Toth Bator: Scholar of Truth

    |  |  Vita Educational Psychology

    |  |  Vita Anthropology, Linguistics and History

    Heavenly Garden  |

    The Solace of Flowers  |

    |  | Dr.C.A.Winters Home Page

    |  |    Relationship between Black Africans and Egyptian

    This homepage provides the reader with extensive ancient Afrocentric knowledge. It will explain the origin and dispersal of Black civilizations around the world in ancient times.


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